Using the Index

The Index allows users access to a large body of data on the extreme meteorological events that have occurred since 1981, to help private entities, communities and political decision-makers identify the most effective adaptation measures for specific areas of interest.

Applications and business opportunities

The Index is a fundamental tool for innovating climatic risk and extreme meteorological event management policiesand its flexible, dynamic and customisable nature makes it useful for countless business applications. The advantage of using the Index range from the opportunity to tap into huge databases of information on the trend of climatic and meteorological phenomena over the decades to being able to produce analysis and forecast output customised to suit user requirements, such as the geographical area, which can be refined to a radius of approximately 30 km.

Want to find out what the Index can do for your business?

Index data can be crucial assets within both public and private forecasting processes. Whenever the frequency and intensity of extreme meteorological events can be an important variable for refining risk assessment or impact analysis activities on specific areas.

    How is Italy faring?

    In the paper “How is Italy faring?”, starting from the data of the European Extreme Events Climate Index, the extraordinary meteorological events that characterized Italy in the hydrological year from September 2022 to August 2023 are analyzed, quantified, and monitored. The analysis not only allows us to better understand the magnitude of certain phenomena but also to identify trends and provide scientific and visual support to what is happening at the climatic level.