The IFAB Foundation, Radarmeteo and Hypermeteo join forces to disseminate and promote the E3CI climate index

Meteorological sector operators the IFAB Foundation, Radarmeteo and Hypermeteo have joined forces to place the European Extreme Events Climate Index, or E3CI, on the market and distribute it to organisations and businesses affected by climate change.

The Index provides monthly information on the frequency and severity of extreme meteorological events in Europe by analysing seven components: cold stress, heat stress, drought, extreme precipitation, extreme wind, fire propensity and hail storms.

The Index data can be provided on various geographic scales (national, regional, provincial), or as gridded data sets covering the whole of Europe for move advanced users.

The project

The Index, originally a research project resulting from the partnership between the IFAB Foundation, the CMCC (Euro-Mediterranean Climate Change Centre) Foundation and Leithà, a data development company, will be distributed exclusively by Radarmeteo and Hypermeteo. The aim is to provide reliable and readily accessible data that can be used to analyse and forecast emergent economic damage resulting from extreme meteorological events. Click here for further info on Radarmeteo and here for further info on Hypermeteo.

Marco Becca, Director of IFAB, explained:
“The increasing frequency of extreme meteorological events, with their dramatic effects, shows us that it is increasingly important to use data, something that is made possible by modern supercalculation infrastructures. Understanding these phenomena is fundamental for any preventive measure. This is why the IFAB funds and cooperates in innovative projects and practices in the green sector and for the management of climate change, thereby making them available to businesses, the public administration and private citizens.”

Massimo Crespi, Director of Radarmeteo, stated:
“By promoting the E3CI Index on the market, our aim is to find a work tool that combines the technological potential of scientific supercalculation with the needs of businesses facing the great challenges of climate change. We aspire to create an integration between these different systems, so that their cooperation may generate innovative responses to the critical questions of the present.”

Francesco Dell’Orco, CEO of Hypermeteo, explained:
“This is an important agreement because it represents a solid cooperation between operators in the world of scientific research and private businesses, with the aim of developing, managing and taking to the market technical services and high-level scientific know-how able to benefit everyone. We combine them with the immediateness needed to ensure usability.”