Data available on request

Request a personalized quote for data from 1981, with regional, provincial, or 30 km grid resolution aggregation.

On-demand data is distributed by Radarmeteo and Hypermeteo, companies that develop and provide platforms, applications, and solutions for weather-climate monitoring and operational support.

The data is available from January 1981 over the European domain with the following levels of detail:

  • on a grid with a 30km resolution
  • with regional aggregation
  • With provincial aggregation

The table below indicates the data delivery methods.

Aggregazione geograficaDati disponibiliFormatoModalità di fornitura
Nazionale (disponibile gratuitamente)Storico dal 1981 + dati aggiornati mensilmenteJSON, CSVAPI, FTP, SFTP, bucket S3
Regionale per i Paesi europei*JSON, CSV
Provinciale**JSON, CSV
Griglia (risoluzione 30 km)NETCDF

*Aggregated regional data for Italy is available for free in CSV format.
**Aggregated provincial data for Emilia Romagna is available for free in CSV format.

To submit data requests for geographical areas other than those freely accessible, it is necessary to fill out the following form: